NWO Souled Out '97 (WCW Special Boner Series)

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  • Song Name: NWO Souled Out '97 (WCW/NWO Special Series!)
  • Artist: Wrestling and Chill - Matt and Seb
  • Album: Wrestling and Chill Season 1
  • Year: 2016

Episode 1 of 4, in our new special WCW/NWO Souled Out quadrilogy! Matt and Seb have (for some reason) decided to take on the beast that is, The 'NWO Souled Out' Quadrilogy, 4 PPV's from the late 90's branded as NWO shows and boy, do they fucking suck.

Join us, as we shamble our way through the 1997 edition of 'Souled Out', featuring all of your favourite wrestlers, including; Mr. Wallstreet, Big Bubba Rogers, Big Sexy Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell and more!